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Surf Beni Manifesto

We believe that life should be filled with experiences and not things.

We believe in practicing silence.

We believe your heart should be the prettiest thing about you.

We believe in never judging and minding your own business.

We believe in going out and putting good into the world.

We believe in respecting your temple.

We believe in loving the same way you want to be loved.

And we believe that how you live is your message to the world.

A letter to you,

It is not accident you walk this earth. You are here for a reason, you were born to shine. To share your unique gifts with the world. To bravely chase your dreams and inspire others to the same. To enjoy this short but wonderful time you have been given. To do all the things that make you happy, even if they aren't the same things that make others happy. You were born to be you just as you are because that is more than enough. You are magic.

xo, beni

Through my hands.

All products are handcrafted with love in Canada, ethically sourced and are made mostly of recycled materials.

From my heart.

Most of our items display a positive message in hopes to put a little good into the world.

To the world.

The Surf Beni trailer pops up is various different areas all over Toronto.

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