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the art of truly liking who you are



I often wonder why we are so hard on ourselves, but we don’t put the same pressure on others. 

We think that happiness comes from getting the job we really want, finally looking a certain way or buying expensive things. 

I mean of course these things bring us happiness to a certain extent but they only add to our happiness, they don’t create it. 

Recently, I’ve been realizing the way that I think. I say “when I achieve this” I’m going to be happy or “when l become like this person” I’m going to find happiness. 

Thinking about this made me a little sad because that means I am not happy with who or where I currently am. 

We always look at other people and compare our lives to theirs, believing we aren’t doing as well as them. Why do they have something we don’t or why do they have it all figured out.

Someone told me the other day that when they first met me I looked so happy online, but looking back, that was one of the toughest times in my life, but I only showing the good moments. 

The point is, usually nothing is what it seems. Nobody has a perfect life and most people are struggling with something we don’t know about, so why do we expect ourselves to be any different. 

I truly believe that happiness isn’t given or bought, it’s created. It starts from liking yourself - how do you expect to like anyone or anything if you don’t even like yourself? 

The first step is admitting you are unhappy and the second step is changing it. 

We need to stop trying to be like other people because the greatest people we know haven’t tried to imitate others, they’re just cool by being themselves. 

Once we realize that our greatest strength is our difference, we will change the way we think and feel about life. We are all worthy of feeling loved not just from others but from ourselves.

xx Beni

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